Jeff Green says he can really (expletive) play

Jeff Green says he can really (expletive) play

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Jeff Green says he can really (expletive) play


The Herald's Steve Bulpett spoke with Jeff Green about the lockout, his restricted free agent status, his interest in Boston and his game:

“Yeah, man, you know a lot of people don’t know what I can really do,” he said. “In Oklahoma, I was kind of overshadowed by Kevin (Durant) and the way Russell (Westbrook) picked up, but, excuse my language, I can really (expletive) play. I can really play this game, man.”

That belief was supported by discussions he had following the season.

“I had some good meetings with (coach) Doc (Rivers) before the lockout, and I’ve been talking to P (Paul Pierce and Ray (Allen),” Green said. “Next year they’re really going to allow me to play, and I think that’s what I need. I need to go out there and just play. Sometimes I think too much, but I just need to go out there and play the game. I’ve got great confidence in myself, but things were a little difficult last year.”

I don't blame Jeff Green for talking up his game. Confidence is a mandatory trait among professional athletes. And he's probably tired of the criticism he (rightfully) received for his performance in a Celtics uniform last season.

I'm going to straddle the fence on this one and say the Celtics should re-sign Jeff Green, at a fair price.

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