Celtics still in the hunt for Battier

Celtics still in the hunt for Battier

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Celtics still in the hunt for Battier

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Battier's list still includes the Heat, Spurs, Pacers, Raptors, Grizzlies, Celtics and his former Memphis team. The Thunder have also had discussions with either Battier or his camp. The team-to-player conversations might matter more with players like these than with so many others, as a clear understanding of roles, goals and, of course, financial incentive will come into play.

I'm really trying to wash the horrific taste from my mouth after an extended Twitter conversation in which I admitted that, at the veteran minimum, any player is worth a look…. including Vince Carter.  

So I'm desperately looking for reasons to not bring him here.  The second I see him wince at a call… or go down like he was hit by snipers only to bounce up again 2 plays later… might cause me to spontaneously combust. 

I'd so much rather have Shane Battier.  But then again, so do all those other teams.  And those other teams have money.  The Celtics don't.  And unless he'll come here for $3 million (he made $7 million last season), the Celtics have absolutely no shot at him. 

But I'm keeping the pipe dream alive as long as I can… because honestly, the other options, as much as I know we have no choice but to consider them, just make me ill. 

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