Recap: MY EYES!! MY EYES!!!!

Recap: MY EYES!! MY EYES!!!!

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Recap: MY EYES!! MY EYES!!!!

Eyewash station

My favorite thing about tonight is finding an eye wash station photo made by a company named Bradley.

The Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns participated in an affront to basketball, subjecting fans to a 79-71 horror show that featured 40.5% shooting by your boys in White & Green.

Actually, Avery Bradley, for his mistakes on the evening (which, when he made them, were stomach churning) finished with an ok line of 10 points on 5-9 shooting, 3 steals and 4 rebounds.  But his 1 assist is where he hurt the C's.

Paul Pierce (5-14 fg) showed flashes early, carrying the C's offense to start the game.  But then the Suns remembered they were basically playing 3-on-5 and they dared Bradley and Jermaine O'Neal to shoot.  Kevin Garnett (5-13 fg) is not Kevin Garnett.  He once passed up a shot in his sweet spot to pass to E'Twaun Moore, who was covered in the lane.  Then later, he took a sweet behind the back pass from Pierce and instead of going up for the dunk, he tried a reverse layup that was summarily rejected by Marcin Gortat.

Oh, and about Gortat?  He was putting on an all-world performance… scoring the last 14 points of the first quarter for Phoenix and finishing with 24 and 12.

What else is there to say.  I thought Pierce was showing some life early but without Rondo, he couldn't keep it up.  This isn't just Rondo's team at the moment… Rondo is the team.  Without him, the Celtics are not a rudderless ship… they're the Titanic just before it splits in half.

This was ugly.  The team should have walked from the court to the exits and personally apologized for what the fans saw.

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