Enemy Chatter: Paul Pierce gets it done on sheer will

Enemy Chatter: Paul Pierce gets it done on sheer will

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Enemy Chatter: Paul Pierce gets it done on sheer will


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here’s a dose of ‘enemy chatter’ from Indiana.

Instead, what we witnessed was vintage Paul Pierce and a reminder that you can’t ever count out the heart of a champion.  Despite missing three key players and coming off a tiring come from behind over the Magic the day before, the Celtics turned back the clock and cruised to an easy 94-87 victory (a lot easier than the scoreline suggested) over the better rested Pacers (who were coming off the impressive win over the Bulls in Chicago).

Not a lot to say except that I could have seen this one coming.  It’s hard enough to beat any team three times within a few weeks, let alone a team like the Celtics with a guy like Paul Pierce.  The guy just gets it done through sheer will sometimes.  I see him slow-driving the lane and wonder how on earth he can get to the rim so easily over younger, more athletic players (Danny Granger and Paul George in particular got torched).

Pacers Pulse

The Truth was extra crafty in last night’s game. Mike Gorman pointed out that Pierce had four drives to the hoop that ended with left handed lay-ins.

On Page 2, Pacers fans have the audacity to bitch about the officiating.

Although the Pacers did play poorly, I still feel the refs compounded their problems. Kind of like trying to move the ball while being observed very closley and not ever getting a break while the other team got them all. Maybe it’s just me, though.

Personally, I feel pro basketball refs are the worst…even when things are going our way. Calls are altered by superstar status, home court advantage, personal feelings toward players, commercial preference, momentum, and any number of other things that I’ve forgotten to mention here. I’ve been watching pro basketball for 40 years—tell me I’m wrong.

Indy Cornrows (reader comment)

The Celtics were whistled for 5 more personal fours (21-16). The Pacers shot 17 more free throws (31-14).

I’m not above bitching about the officials, but I tend to refrain when the statistics prove otherwise.

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