Nathan Horton Basically Blames Bruins For Leaving

Nathan Horton Basically Blames Bruins For Leaving


Nathan Horton Basically Blames Bruins For Leaving

Before the Bruins put away the Columbus Blue Jackets 3-1 yesterday, Nathan Horton broke his silence on why he left Boston for the mean streets of the CBJ. To no one's surprise, Horton basically blamed it on the Bruins management and the city of Boston. 

If you think I'm taking that to an extreme check out this quote he gave Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe: 

“All year, nothing happened,” Horton said. “I waited for a long time. It just came down to, at the end, for my family I wanted a place where my kids could be outside. That’s kind of what it came down to…." 

Excuse me for a minute while I call bullshit on the first part of that quote. Of course nothing happened Nathan, you're injury prone. I'm not sure what he was expecting when it was obvious that Chiarelli and company were waiting to see if the guy could make it through a season (and a half season, basically) without an injury. 

Spoiler alert: He couldn't

So he can play the deflection game all he wants. I mean, lets be real about it Nate Dogg, you have a history of multiple concussions and you had shoulder surgery in the offseason that will put you out anywhere from 4-6 months. So I would say that the Bruins were pretty smart to not offer you an extension right away. 

I wouldn't take that as a slight though, since Peter Chiarelli has said that the team traded Tyler Seguin away to make cap room to sign Horton. 

The second part, about his children being able to go outside is something I believe. I've mentioned it multiple times – Horton came from a hockey market where no one gave a shit to a place that is absolutely bananas about hockey. I feel bad because I wouldn't want to take my kids to the movies and be bombarded with questions and requests for autographs and pictures, but come on. 

It's okay to say "I didn't want to come back there." You don't need to play nice with the Bruins anymore considering this 7 year, $37M contract could be his last NHL contract. 

Boston only plays Columbus two more times (both in November [Thanks, Sarah]), so this Nathan Horton bullshit shouldn't be around any longer.

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