Memphis Hoops Star Shows His Brewers Love

Memphis Hoops Star Shows His Brewers Love

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Memphis Hoops Star Shows His Brewers Love

You’ve heard of wearing your “pride on your sleeve”…but University of Memphis basketball player Calvin Godfrey has gone one step further.

The Tigers senior wears his hometown pride permanently on his right shoulder in the form of a Milwaukee Brewers tattoo.

The Memphis basketball website lists the senior’s hometown as Milwaukee (naturally), but he was born in Norfolk, Virginia and spent some time in Minnesota while in high school. Chances are, Godfrey probably isn’t even all that big of a Brewers fan…but, still, it’s a pretty cool tattoo.

Now, I only bring up dude’s Brewers tattoo to show you this.

Watching college hoops isn’t the only place where you might unexpectedly get a glimpse of the iconic Milwaukee mitt logo that the Brew Crew used from 1978-1993. You might also see it show up in porn.

No. Seriously.

Alia Janine is a former porn star who is also proud to call Miltown “home” and, like Godfrey, she’s got the ink to prove it.

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“I have Brewers logo on the inside of my left ankle,” Alia Janine once told “There are quite a few porn scenes with a Brewers logo. I know that there are a couple of other girls from Wisconsin, but I don’t think they sport a Brewers logo.”

Your move, @shakabrodie!

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