Preseason Bucs games will be on WTSP CBS CH.10

Preseason Bucs games will be on WTSP CBS CH.10

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Preseason Bucs games will be on WTSP CBS CH.10


By now your chomping at the bit to watch Bucs preseason action. Well don't set your DVR just yet, because if you do your going to record something other than Bucs football. No, the preseason hasn't been canceled! But the Bucs wont be on NBC CH. 8 for the next couple of years.

In a deal learned from via three independent Local Tampa Bay TV people, the Bucs have contracted with CBS affiliate WTSP Channel 10 to broadcast the preseason games. The past 8 seasons its been done excellently by NBC affiliate Ch. 8. The deal is for two years.

So what does that mean? Well for starters WTSP has said it will rebroadcast blackout PreSeason games 3 times instead of two that CH.8 did. Added to the fact that NFL network does each game too, thats 4 opportunities to watch a preseason game if you don't go to the game if its Blacked out.  If we DO sell out preseason games, well that means the regular season is going to be on TV too, but I don't see that happening just yet.

The only live game Ch 10 will carry is the 4th matchup between the Bucs/Redskins which is a road game on Sept. 1st.  The First Preseason game on Aug 12th at Raymond James is supposed to be carried by Fox in a national broadcast. All local channels have HD sporting coverage. does a great job of replaying in HD preseason games after midnight.

If your wondering who will do the broadcast, Chris Meyers and John Lynch are actually Tampa Bay Buccaneers employees, not ch.8, but no word has been given so far. Its probably safe to speculate those two will get the nod, but the familiar tune we've grown accustomed to lately will not be heard.

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