Daniel Suarez Makes History At Miami

Daniel Suarez Makes History At Miami

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Daniel Suarez Makes History At Miami

Daniel Suarez is on the pole while Elliott Sadler, Erik Jones, and Justin Allgaier are the rest of the drivers left that have a shot at the Xfinity championship in a Saturday afternoon final race of the season in Miami.

Daniel Suarez started off the race leading laps and then we get an early caution at lap five as Brandon Hightower spins out.  The race continued with Daniel leading more laps.  Kyle Larson though started to get hot and was able to get the race lead at lap 23.  Later on in the lap we get the next caution as Ryan Reed spins out.  This caution brought in the leaders and Kyle Larson won the race off pit road.

As the race continued we got a new log green flag run.  Daniel Suarez did not take long, but he was back to leading more laps.  Around lap 60 Justin Allgaier was challenging for the race lead.  Justin could not get the lead and around lap 78 it was green flag pit stop time.  Brandon Jones picked up a penalty for a tire getting away.  After they completed Kyle Larson was in the race lead.  At lap 88 we finally get the caution for fluid on the track.

When the race restarted Ty Dillion was able to get the race lead.  Daniel Suarez though got hot and took the race lead at lap 100.  Ty Dillion though got hot and then at lap 114 was back in the race lead.  The next caution finally comes out lap 124 for Brennan Poole and his blown tire.  The caution brought in the leaders and Daniel Suarez was able to get the lead off pit road.

At the race restart Justin Allgaier tried to make it three wide to get the race lead, but could not get the lead.  Eliott Sadler was hot and quickly took fourth.  At lap 137 Ryan reed has tire problems and spins out to bring out the caution.  Behind him though Jordan Anderson and Jeremy Clements wreck so bad the red flag comes out.   After cleanup was done cars up front pit.  When the race restarted it was four wide up front for position with Daniel Suarez in the lead.  Justin Allagier though got hot again and with 48 laps left was in the race lead.  Then  Erik Jones was able to get the race lead.  With 43 laps left we get a debris caution.

The race restarts and it is four wide again as Daniel Suarez gets the race lead.   As the green flag laps continued Erik Jones and Justin Allgaier fight for second.  With 20 laps left Justin hits the wall, but does not bring out the caution.  With 15 laps left Erik Jones hits the wall.  Two laps later and he does it once more.  With 10 laps left Ray Black Jr. spins out to bring out the caution.

The caution brings in the leaders and Elliott Sadler gambles with two tires to win the race off pit road.  Cole Whitt stays out to lead the race.  The race restarted with three laps left and Cole Whitt has an awful restart that easily helps get Daniel Suarez get the race lead and then the historic race win and the Xfinity championship.

“I just can’t believe it,” said Daniel Suarez.  “Dream come true.”

“Had an okay spot,” said Erik Jones on the final restart.

“Heartbreaking,” said Elliott Sadler on the finish. “Dream come true season for me.”

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