Evgeni Malkin shows off his skills around the net

Evgeni Malkin shows off his skills around the net


Evgeni Malkin shows off his skills around the net

The Pittsburgh Penguins won tonight in New York against the New York Islanders after coming back and tying it to send it to overtime. The game winner was on a beautiful pass from Sidney Crosby to Kris Letang, who found a wide open net to score on. You will watch it and admire it several times over, I’m sure, but me? I’m watching Evgeni Malkin. He’s doing the little things. Let’s watch the play together, courtesy the Penguins.

Let’s run down the things that Malkin does really well on this play.

  1. Gets to the net. He’s there before Crosby skates in, blocking the view of the goaltender.
  2. Keeps his eye on the puck. Watch him rotate to ensure he knew where the puck was at all times.
  3. Holds his ground. It’s so key, when you are in front of the net to stick there. Don’t get pushed from your spot! Look at how Malkin literally doesn’t move an inch, aside from the turn towards the puck.
  4. Celebrate. Malkin didn’t score the goal, but he still raised his arms. That’s just leadership.

In order to be a great player in this league, you have to be willing to do the little things, and make no mistake: In this highlight, Malkin is doing the smallest things he possibly can.

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