For Sale: 1980 Tony Gwynn Padres Jersey

For Sale: 1980 Tony Gwynn Padres Jersey


For Sale: 1980 Tony Gwynn Padres Jersey

eBay is awesome.

I realize that’s the understatement of the week, but, I stand by it…the site is pretty damn sweet. Simply put, if you can dream it, I’d wager a bet you can find it on eBay.

After seeing this tweet Monday night, I was sent to the auction site to look for similar items up for bid and stumbled upon an awesome retro Tony Gwynn jersey. And let’s be honest, Mr. Padre’s Number 19 on the back of that brown and mustard San Diego jersey looks dope.


Sick, right? There’s one big problem with this.


First, in 1980, a then-20-year-old Gwynn was patrolling leftfield for the San Diego State Aztecs, not the Padres. The eventual Hall of Famer wasn’t drafted until 1981 and didn’t make his debut for the Friars until June of 1982.

Second, and almost more important, the Padres never wore that jersey in 1980, much less…in the 80s. Oh, sure, they wore very, very similar jerseys. But in 1980 itself?


san-diego-padres-uniformAll this also begs the question…why would someone even want a throwback jersey of a player that never wore that jersey?


(h/t Jeff Pearlman)

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