Reaction to Goldberg's Win Sounds Familiar

Reaction to Goldberg's Win Sounds Familiar


Reaction to Goldberg's Win Sounds Familiar

Everybody just take a breath!

After weeks of strong build for what was supposed to be an epic encounter 12 years in the making, real clash of the titans encounter, if you hadn’t heard it was “fantasy warfare getting real” or whatever the overused tagline for Survivor Series.

And after all that, it took 1:28 for Goldberg to beat the previously seemingly unbeatable Brock Lesnar.

goldberg_brock_lesnar_survivor_seriesThe ending of the second longest running pay per view in WWE was not exactly met with positive feedback from the WWE Universe.

A lot of people have taken to the internet to voice their displeasure. Saying that it made no sense for Goldberg to come in and squash Lesnar, who had not been pinned in over three and a half years.

OK, I get it. WWE’s attempt to create shock value for the sake of shock value may have not been too well thought it. But it did just that, created shock! Who out there could say that they had Goldberg winning let alone in less than two minutes?

The logical way of thinking would have a young, up and coming star be the one to conquer the conqueror. It could have been a great way for Kevin Owens or Bray Wyatt to solidify their status as a main event star or for Samoa Joe or Shinsuke Nakamura to make an impressive debut on the main roster.

Does all of this sound familiar?

For everything that we are saying that was wrong about the Survivor Series decision, we were saying the exact same thing when it was Brock Lesnar who took down the Undertakers WrestleMania streak that was once thought to be as immortal as The Deadman himself. “It should have been Bray Wyatt or Daniel Bryan or a guy from The Shield that should have ended the streak!” (side note, Wyatt is in too many “should have” conversations…when WILL he!)

What came of it was the creation of a beast that ran through the roster and a character that seemed to be easily be above the rest. What weth got is a beast that we now questioned why he lost like The Undertaker did.

If Goldberg would have made it a one and done situation, then the Survivor Series finish would have been the worst decision Vince made since the XFL! Last night on Raw though, Goldberg confirmed that wasn’t the case and that he was entering the Royal Rumble match. This obviously means there will also be a WrestleMania match, presumably against Lesnar.

The bottom line is instead of having one monster that is seemingly impossible to beat, we now have two! Who can top the man that beat Brock Lesnar? On the other side of the stick, does anyone really think that this stops the momentum that Lesnar has?

With WWE over the years I have gone with the same philosophy of “wait and see.” I understand the immediate negative reaction, but let’s see where it leads before we make final decisions.


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