Buckeye State Hockey endorses Foligno/Bobrovsky for the 2017 All Star Game

Buckeye State Hockey endorses Foligno/Bobrovsky for the 2017 All Star Game

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Buckeye State Hockey endorses Foligno/Bobrovsky for the 2017 All Star Game

It comes with great pleasure that Buckeye State Hockey will be endorsing an all star game candidate for the first time. It was an arduous process that took hours and hours of debate for us to hammer out. Late into the evening last night, our editors and writers finally came to a decision. We are proud to endorse the ticket of Nick Foligno and Sergei Bobrovsky.

In great times like these when the Blue Jackets are winning, the fans should win as well. Let’s get two fan favorites in the All Star game.  This ticket has had to overcome injuries and down years to battle to where they are now. They are rejuvenated and looking to capture the hearts of many fans, not only in Columbus but nationwide.

While Foligno’s points total is only 11th in the Metropolitan Division, he brings leadership qualities that will do well with the masses. He is scoring at a clip that is more than respectable throughout the league, placing him in the top 30. He is a man of the people and appeals to the common Blue Jacket fan. Being the captain and one of the faces of the team will do that, he isn’t an outsider. He is like a nice pair of socks, perfectly comfortable.

Bobrovsky at one point was considered for a cabinet position as the Secretary of Defense, Foligno in his infinite wisdom realized that Bobrovsky’s skills would be better used as his running mate. In year’s past voters have seen the skill of Bobrovsky, they just aren’t quite sold that he can sustain it. At a division high .930 save percentage, it would be foolish to not vote him in. He not only makes the simple saves, he makes the tough saves too. That type of decision making is needed if this ticket wants to garner enough votes for the mid-season break. Whilet may have looked like Bobrovsky would remain stagnant, people should have known better given his tireless work ethic and attention to detail.

Continued improvement is one promise that both player’s can definitely keep well after the All Star game ends. Why not reward them for the time they have put in?

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt



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