Aauvitu Sent To Albany - Gazdic Called Up

Aauvitu Sent To Albany - Gazdic Called Up


Aauvitu Sent To Albany - Gazdic Called Up

Here comes the muscle and the toughness. Here comes the enforcer. Gazdic knows his role on any team and the Devils need someone to jump on in and provide a spark. That’s what enforcers do and that will certainly be Gazdic’s role. If we start seeing this on the ice, it will be welcomed with open arms.

I have no problems with calling up Gazdic, especially after the Vancouver game where I spent most of the 2nd and 3rd periods wondering if they would go after Hall and who would protect him. Now that would be Gazdic’s job as it was in Edmonton. Aaviutu being sent down, well I certainly hope we don’t start seeing Jon Merril on a regular basis. The muscle / toughness is needed but I would have thought Seth Helgeson would have been the first one to come up from Albany.

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