Same 8 Questions: Mike Glasscott (PGA Fantasy Golf Writer)

Same 8 Questions: Mike Glasscott (PGA Fantasy Golf Writer)

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Same 8 Questions: Mike Glasscott (PGA Fantasy Golf Writer)

One of our favorite parts about working around and in professional sports for now a combined 20-years is the wide range of people you meet at games, workouts, in the gym or on the field…especially the guys who balance both “work” with fatherhood. Talking sports and the ups and downs about being a dad at the same time really doesn’t get much better, so that’s why — from sports writers, to players, stay-at-home dads, coaches, the divorced-dad, announcers, bring-to-practice-and-the-game dad, authors, the janitor and the GM’s, sports brands and sports business bros — we are rolling out this Sports Dad Series to help share those stories on the Same 8 Questions about juggling sports and fatherhood. Our hope — words of wisdom for new dads, veteran dads and the dads in pro sports to keep family first (right after you check the score of the game).  Thanks for reading and make sure to stay connected with us on social (TwitterInstagramFacebook).  –Wendell Maxey and Gino Pilato


Do your kids (daughter/son) know what you do for a living?

Haha. Kinda but not really because writing fantasy golf is one of many “gigs” I have. My daughter is six and omniscient so she understands what “work” is but not what I’m doing. My three year old son, when he doesn’t want me to bother him, declares “Dad, go do your work!” They know I’m on the radio because they listen on the way to school each morning. They know I work certain events at Indiana University because they either see me on the big screen or hear my voice. My schedule is pretty hectic but they’re usually part of the comings or goings so they’re involved.

What is the key to juggling fatherhood and your profession?

My wife. She’s the brains and beauty. She organizes the kids and sitters so all I do is have to show up and she does this all while working full time in the restaurant/bar business. The key to juggling it for me is making time for everyone. There’s never enough hours in a day but whether it’s school run or just going to the park, that balance has to happen. They understand that we both work weekends and that we’re not like everyone else!

What’s the hardest part about being a dad?

Everything? Working at home I never feel like I’m giving them enough attention. Then I remember it’s more attention than going to an office from 8 to 6 and talk myself off the ledge! I thrive on chaos so I don’t realize the “hard” parts; it’s just another day that ends in Y.

What does quality time with your kids (daughter/son) away from “work” look like?

Eating! We also like getting out and about as life in a college town usually has something happening. They’re big fans of going to the park and running around so that gets me off my chair and out into the real world. In the colder months, I’m forced into arts and crafts and ball in the house, which is usually a no-no!

Biggest word of advice you can give to first time dads in the business?

Balance. There is no award given out for working 20 hour days. There is no bonus for not being around. Nobody cares how hard you work especially your kids. And your kids don’t care that the game goes to double OT or six extra holes! Find time for everyone and everything and it is easier to navigate.

What is your most embarrassing public moment thus far as a parent?

This WEEK or ever? There are too many to list so I think that’s the lesson here.
Get over it. We’re all in this together. Kids cry. Kids shit their pants. So do most parents. Again, it’s not a competition so when you’re in public act like you do in private. That’s what I do. If they need a firm voice, they’re getting one. If they are rocking and rolling, I’ll let them know that as well. Life isn’t lived in the perfect images of Facebook or Instagram so don’t pretend like it is when you’re in public. If you’re an asshole, don’t go out in public because you don’t have anywhere to hide!

What are some helpful tips to balancing Dad time and work time during the season?

Have a schedule/plan. During the school year, I have to pick up my daughter four days a week so that makes for a natural break time. If I’m cooking, I’m going to try and have them help in some fashion so I can kill two birds with one stone. I’m getting stuff done but we’re all together. Also, I don’t try and work when we’re eating. I know, I know, Renaissance Man, me, but I TRY and stay off the internet during this time. Finally, let them know when is work time and what is needed during this time. I tell my daughter that we’ll go to the park or whatever once I get this project done. That usually works. When she was 3 and my son was six months, they really didn’t care, so be patient! It will get better, I swear. And I swear A LOT.

How are you like your Dad?

Haha. I notice this more and more everyday! I wouldn’t say I have the best temper so that’s probably not a good deal but at least I know it. I’m also not tremendously patient but I’m working on that as well! My dad, who I lost in 2011, was a driven businessman that probably, if we could go back and ask him, probably burned the candle a bit at both ends. He traveled a ton but never missed a game when he was in town and always found time for me and my brother in the back yard. He also introduced me to golf as he went to Augusta to the Masters in the early 80’s and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Bonus – Your favorite golf course…

Well, I probably gave that away in my last answer! No doubt it’s Augusta National as I’d rather walk the grounds and watch the world’s best than chop it up 100 times myself. My favorite course I’ve played is the Donald Ross Course at French Lick, site of the 1924 PGA Championship won by Walter Hagen. Since I’ve had my two kids, I can count on one hand how many rounds I’ve played so add that to your “balance” part above! It’s also easy to play less when you’re as bad as I am!


About Mike Glasscott

Mike Glasscott is a Fantasy Golf Writer at Golfweek (previously at Rotoworld, 2012). Glasscott is also the talk show host/producer since 2003 at WGCL radio in Bloomington, Indiana. In addition to those responsibilities, Glasscott also acts as the  Public Address Announcer for Indiana University Men’s Soccer and is an In-game sideline host for Indiana University Football.

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