Picture Terrelle Pryor as DeSean Jackson’s replacement on the Redskins

Picture Terrelle Pryor as DeSean Jackson’s replacement on the Redskins


Picture Terrelle Pryor as DeSean Jackson’s replacement on the Redskins

There are alternatives to Djacc.

But if Redskins GM Scot McCloughan is so smart, he can figure out how to keep both DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon on the 2017 roster.

If he wants to, which means if Daniel Snyder tells him to.

We don’t know the true workings of the Redskins brain trust. Hog Heaven can tell you from business experience that McCloughan has thought this through.

McCloughan strikes me as a competent NFL GM, the type that thinks three years ahead on every roster move scenario and the impact on the salary cap – not that he gets everything right.

Thinking one player move at a time is a luxury for fans … and short-sighted owners.

Redskins fans should look askance at notions that the team cannot afford to keep both Jackson and Garcon. Let the GM do his work.

Djacc himself is not a GM. He may have told friends that he expects to be back with the Eagles. But he doesn’t know. No team, even the Redskins, can discuss his next contract until after the Super Bowl.

What’s McCloughan’s plan, if not Jackson?

How about Terrelle Pryor?

He has the size, 6-4, 223#, the ‘Skins looked for since Malcolm Kelly. He is a developing talent that caught a mere 54 percent of the balls targeted at him. Pryor is the only credible deep threat on an incredibly bad Cleveland team. He is the right age at 27.

Jackson is a 5-10, 175# lightweight who caught 57 percent of passes targeted at him. He is the Redskins’ only credible deep threat. He will be on the wrong side of age 30 next season.

Djacc made $8 million this season. Sportrac projects the market value of Jackson’s next deal at $7.6 million per year on a three-year deal.

Pryor’s 2016 salary is $1.6 million. His age and upside comes at a price. Sportrac projects his 2017 market value at a whopping $10 million per year on a four-year deal.

Re-signing Jackson looks like a bargain.

Money isn’t everything.

Before blanching at the money hit, which fans always do, McCloughan should be intrigued by the idea of Pryor.

Why not a receiving corps of Garcon, Pryor, Crowder and Josh Doctson?

Assuming he’s healthy, Doctson presents a second receiving target over six-feet for opposing defenses to worry about.

Hog Heaven isn’t predicting anything; just saying that GM’s think through all the angles. Free agent Pryor is one of the angles.

The game between the seasons is not about hoarding cap dollars. It’s about using them wisely.

We understand that Redskins fans are scared and scarred by the way the Redskins managed the cap 10 years ago. But this is a better managed team than it was 10 years ago.

As for Pryor, Cleveland would be foolish to let him walk. If it were anyone but the Browns, we would not have this discussion.

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