Some Words And Pics About The Winter Classic @ Busch Stadium

Some Words And Pics About The Winter Classic @ Busch Stadium


Some Words And Pics About The Winter Classic @ Busch Stadium

Have you seen all of this already? You’re tired of the hype and just want to watch the game?

Too bad. Content is needed.

EVENTS has you covered with pretty much every event going on downtown from today through the Winter Classic on Monday afternoon.


So is it mandatory that the backup goalies have MUCH cooler masks than the starters?

I wish I followed hockey closely enough to tell you that this is an aberration for the Winter Classic. But I can’t. Maybe they just have more time to think through ideas on the bench?

Jake Allen:

Corey Crawford:

Carter Hutton:

Scott Darling:


It’s becoming an unfortunate STL sports tradition where the old uniforms are way cooler than the current uniforms. We should have known the Rams were going to be forever losers when they refused (and still refuse) to go back to the royal/yellow unis as the primary laundry.

How is this sweater not better than what the Blues are currently wearing?




You’re going to have to talk me into this field design, friends.

It’s not that I hate it. But the cheese factor here is pretty high. Maybe it’s the notes streaming out of guitar neck? I always thought the team was named after how fans feel after the first round of the playoffs, not music.


Here’s a recent aerial view:

As far as the game and weather? Cross your fingers and hope for the best. A delay in the game on Monday could push the start time all the way until Tuesday night.

If you’re going down to Busch Stadium for either the Alumni Game, Winter Classic or both, make sure to rep STL hard so we look good on TV.

Photo: SportsBlog

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