Redskins take first step to blow up the defense. Fires Joe Barry and two others.

Redskins take first step to blow up the defense. Fires Joe Barry and two others.


Redskins take first step to blow up the defense. Fires Joe Barry and two others.

Joe Barry is gone. The Redskins fired the defensive coordinator after two futile years in which he failed to improve on Jim Haslett’s run on the job.

The Redskins also fired the defensive line coach and the defensive backfield coach.

The team also fired Mike Clark, head strength and conditioning coach. Hog Heaven does not see that as tied to the defense’s performance.

“This will be met with mostly cheers from Redskins fans who had decided that Barry was the root of the Redskins’ defensive problems this season. Fair or not, sentiment had turned against him as the defense ranked 28th in yards allowed and 19th in points allowed in 2016.” ~ Eric Edholm, Yahoo Sports.

It’s not the Xs and Os. It’s the Jimmys and Joes.

Redskins defensive players are overall second team average. (Kudos to OLB Ryan Kerrigan for making the Pro Bowl.)

Safety has been a deep hole since Sean Taylor’s death.

Barry knew the risks when he took the job. Barry got the job because he snow jobbed Jay Gruden with what he could do with the talent here. It just didn’t work.

Fixing the problem.

GM Scot McCloughan prefers to build through the Draft, but any player drafted in 2017 will not be much of a factor until 2018 and beyond.

McCloughan in the first round selects the best talent available regardless of team need.

He selected wide receiver Josh Doctson first in the 2016 Draft when the Redskins were loaded at the position.

Doctson was a whiff since he missed virtually the entire season with an Achilles injury. (PLEASE, don’t be Malcolm Kelly!)

McCloughan’s first ever pick for Washington was G Brandon Schreff in 2015. Scherff is a hit. He just made his first Pro Bowl.

Let that sink in. The Redskins have TWO offensive linemen named to the Pro Bowl.

It was a happy coincidence that Scherff was at the top of the Redskins Draft board to join a struggling offensive line. Neither Scherff or Doctson helped the defense.

It will be a happy coincidence if Washington’s first pick in the 2017 Draft is a defensive player. Any young player picked in a lower round will need time and NFL game experience to round out into a contributor, whatever time it takes to appear in 36 games.

We won’t know the keepers until the third year of their rookie contracts.

If the Redskins are better next season, it will be because of players like Su’a Cravens already on the team.

What the ‘Skins need is a coach that excels in developing talent more than scheming plays. It would be helpful if that coach is on board early enough to have a big say in who joins the team in March and April.

Fans are hoping for Wade Phillips, but Coach Phillips keeps dropping hints about Houston.

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