Are the Redskins the Cradle of Coaches? Who knew?

Are the Redskins the Cradle of Coaches? Who knew?


Are the Redskins the Cradle of Coaches? Who knew?

A story by Diane Cheeseborough got me to thinking; Is Jay Gruden growing a coaching tree?

(See RedskinsWire, Redskins Jay Gruden deserves applause in the ascent of Sean McVay. Go take a look. We’ll be here when you get back.)

That brought clarity to fuzzy thoughts about McVay circulating in Hog Heaven World Headquarters.

McVay hired Wade Phillips as the Rams defensive coordinator. It was his first move and it snatched away Phillips from consideration by Washington who whiffed on him when they hired Joe Barry instead.

Phillips is the man Redskins fans still most want to see as DC.

McVay’s second move was to hire the Redskins’ disgraced former DC Barry as linebacker’s coach and assistant head coach.

Assistant head coach!?! What does that even mean? Whatever McVay says it does, I reckon.

Now both former Redskins coordinators are in LA. The fact that McVay brought Barry along so quickly implies something about Barry and the Redskins. You’d have to be on the practice fields and in team meetings to know what positives Barry brought to the table.

Fans can only judge by results and it wasn’t good. Hog Heaven doubts Barry was the primary cause of problems on the Redskins defense.

McVay’s parting shots about his time in Washington were entirely positive. Not something fans are used to hearing about a coaching staff that many are yet to be sold on.

Expect McVay to emulate Gruden’s leadership techniques while coaching the Rams.

Expect Hog Heaven to keep an eye on McVay and the Rams the way we briefly followed RGIII and the Browns.


To go by the (highly unscientific) reaction on Facebook, most Redskins fans are underwhelmed by Greg Manusky as defensive coordinator.

Manusky coached the outside linebackers, the best performers on defense. Ryan Kerrigan made the Pro Bowl. Trent Murphy stepped up his performance. THERE WERE NO BETTER CANDIDATES ON THE TABLE. With the Senior Bowl, Combine and Draft coming up, the team had to pick the best choice in front of them and get on with the offseason work.

Fan reaction is a tad pessimistic. Move on.

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