Top Turtle Podcast – Episode 62: Dan Kelly

Top Turtle Podcast – Episode 62: Dan Kelly

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Top Turtle Podcast – Episode 62: Dan Kelly

We speak with Judo Dan Kelly fresh off of his big win over Rashad Evans. What does the former Olympic Judoka attribute his MMA success too and who does he want next? Plus, what does he think about his newfound Twitter fame?

Also, we breakdown last weekend’s Fight Night in Fortaleza and talk about where the important players go from here.

Looking for something in particular? Here are the time-stamps:

1:15- Where do Gastelum and Belfort go following their main event showdown? Who should Tony Ferguson fight if Conor is not coming back until the middle of summer? And is Johny Hendricks throwing shade at GSP?

21:00- Dan Kelly talks about his background in Judo, his future plans and his “Dad Army”.

30:00- Manuwa vs Anderson preview and predictions.


Daniel “Gumby” Vreeland (@GumbyVreeland) – With over five years of jiu jitsu experience, “Gumby” has a wealth of technical knowledge that he brings to the table. Add that to a writing history that includes credits on web (The MMA Manifesto) and print sources (Fight! Magazine) and live coverage of every major promotion, and his breakdown skills are just as sharp as his rubber guard.


David Tramonte (@TopTurtleMMA) – Has a long history in TV Production, having been an associate producer for the Best Damn Sports Show Period, NBC Sports and MLB Network. He has produced shows featuring content from the UFC, Pride FC, Strikeforce and the International Fight League. His passion lies in practicing jiu jitsu and trying to pick MMA parlays.


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