Playing Pepper 2017: This Time It’s Personal

Playing Pepper 2017: This Time It’s Personal

S.F. Giants

Playing Pepper 2017: This Time It’s Personal

If you know Daniel Shoptaw (and I don’t) then you know he has an extreme case of St. Louis Cardinals fever. It’s apparently incurable and one of those pre-existing conditions not covered by most reputable health care plans.

Daniel’s major symptoms can be found at his C70 At The Bat blog, which is just one ingredient of a hearty Cardinals blog stew known as The Cardinal Conclave.

If you like interesting writing about Major League Baseball take the time to check out these excellent Cardinal sites.

For nine years Mr. Shoptaw has hosted the “Playing Pepper” blogwow, a series of previews of every MLB team as written by the bloggers who follow those teams.

To read the San Francisco Giants edition of “Playing Pepper 2017” simply go here.

The Giants’ bloggers featured this year are Michael Saltzman of the Around the Foghorn blog, Craig Vaughn of THE San Francisco Giants Blog, and yours truly at The Giants Cove. Be sure to check out Craig and Michael’s sites for insightful postings about the Giants’ 2017 season.

And Daniel Shoptaw? As one TV doctor explained to me, once you catch that Redbird fever there ain’t no going back.

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