Draft #MCM Elite or #DELETE Edition by @rdotdeuce

Draft #MCM Elite or #DELETE Edition by @rdotdeuce

Buffalo Wins

Draft #MCM Elite or #DELETE Edition by @rdotdeuce

Greetings from beautiful Orlando! While I’m finishing up my WrestleMania trip, the march to the draft continues. But this is still Monday and we still have prospects to cover!

However, we’re going to do it a little differently. In honor of the return of the Hardys to the WWE, I’m going to do a #Broken version of my Draft #ManCrushMondays – called #Elite or #DELETE.

I’m going to list three prospects this week and leave it to you to decide where they fall, with #Broken Matt popping in with his opinion. I also need to give full credit to my good friend Chris, who inspired this DELIGHTFUL experiment.

Alright cats and kittens, here we go.

Chad Kelly, QB, Ole Miss

With any player I ascribe to the Josh Norris, “where they win” mantra. Kelly has tools that any coach could work with and I openly admit that.

I readily also admit that I cannot get past his transgressions off the field to find it. Players like Joe Mixon or Dede Westbrook have victims you can see and witness their horrific behavior (or its aftermath) with. Kelly threatening a club with an AK-47 is dismissed as him “just talking”.

Personally, I’ve never heard a quarterback at any level that was considered #Elite threaten to murder folk.

Chad has the arm – and the legs when healthy to be a threat. This throw vs Alabama is a great example of him fitting the ball into a window few could pull off. However, the off-field issues and potential for Buffalo to “out Buffalo” even itself is too much for me to even want to see him in a Bills uniform. I also get a little ticked when I hear how much Kelly showed vs teams like Bama, when Deshaun Watson did similar or better in national championships versus the Crimson Tide and it’s ignored.

Funny how that works.

In Dennison’s offense, Kelly would fit well on the rollout and boot-game based system. My question with Chad Kelly will never be, can he do x – because I think he’s a capable quarterback skills wise. It’s the time between practices and games that worry me.

So Chad in my opinion, should be filed under:

Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan

Corey Davis is the total package (Lex!) at wide receiver.

For the Bills, Corey would be 1a to Sammy Watkins’ #1 status as wide receiver. His ability to accelerate in cuts and the “my ball” mentality that Davis brings to the table would be a boon to the Bills. Additionally, his 6’3 frame is a perfect fit in the Dennison offense.

While Davis cut his teeth collegiately at Western Michigan, the production cannot be ignored.

From NFL.com’s scouting report:

Touchdown juggernaut who was a four-year model of production and consistency in college. Davis has the route-running and ball skills to become a starter in the league, but it is his competitiveness and production in the red-zone that should make him a good one.

Matt and I are in agreement on Mr. Davis being

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech

Patrick Mahomes, as a prospect is a bit of a rorschach test. To me, he’s a raw quarterback in that he’ll need to work on footwork and being under center – but in terms of his talent you can’t teach this – word to Enzo Amore:

Many cite his ability to leave the pocket as a detriment, but remember – finding where they win and how to maximize that is my focus. Mahomes in the Dennison offense would be a guy similar to Tyrod in style but with a stronger arm and a bit bigger to boot. I also give him credit because his play was so good despite the team around him at Tech, that rumored 1st-round potential draftee Davis Webb (yeah, I’m confused too) had to transfer to Cal and sit behind former number one overall pick Jared Goff.

I’m all in as a #Mahomey and Matt is too:

(Matt we’re talking prospects not…sigh)

So, that’s it for this week’s report. Next week we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled style. Maybe.

May the seven deities keep you in this dimension.

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