Sox Rally Late to Win Over Tigers!

Sox Rally Late to Win Over Tigers!

Red Sox

Sox Rally Late to Win Over Tigers!

The Red Sox took to the field for the 3rd game against the Tigers.   The Sox had Cy Young Rick Porcello vs. Daniel Norris for the Tigers.   Porcello didn’t have his best stuff and every time the Sox would battle to tie the game, he gave the lead right back to the Tigers.   The Sox bats did erupt in the 8th inning and the Sox bullpen was able to turn a lead into a much needed win.

The Tigers got on the board first when Porcello gave up an RBI single to Upton in the bottom of the 1st.  Sox 0-1.  The Sox tied it up in top of the 2nd when Marco Hernandez hit an RBI single to score Leon.  Sox 1-1.  Porcello gave the lead right back to the Tigers in the bottom of the 2nd when he gave up an RBI single to Kinsler.  Sox 1-2.  In the seesaw game, the Sox tied it back up again in the top of the 3rd when Moreland hit an RBI double to score Young.  Sox 2-2.

Porcello once again gave the lead back to the Tigers, but this time in the 4th inning.  Porcello gave up another RBI single to Kinsler to once again have the Tigers out in front.  Sox 2-3.  The game stayed 2-3 for a while until the 6th inning when the Sox were able to tie the ballgame up a third time.  Andrew Benintendi hit an RBI single to score Hernandez.  Sox 3-3.   However Porcello struck again and gave the lead right back to the Tigers when he gave up a solo home run to Castellanos.  Sox 3-4.

Porcello gave up another single and Farrell went out to get him.   Porcello was done for the day and Matt Barnes was in the game in relief.   Barnes just returned to the team from bereavement leave and looked pretty sharp on the mound.  Barnes got the three outs and sent the game to the top of the 8th.  The Sox bats got all over the Tigers bullpen in the 8th.  The Sox had the bases loaded and then the game was tied when Tigers pitcher Ryan walked in the tying run.  Sox 4-4.  The Sox then took the lead for good when Leon hit a 2 run RBI single and then Sandoval finished off the inning with an RBI sac grounder.  Sox 7-4.

Barnes went back out for the bottom of the 8th and still looking pretty impressive on the mound.  The Sox then looked to their closer Craig Kimbrel to give them the first win of this series.  Kimbrel looked shaky in his outing, especially since he walked the first two batters that he faced.  Kimbrel did give up an RBI single to VMart, but then he was able to hunker down and get the outs the team needed for the save and the win.

Red Sox 7  Tigers 5  BOXSCORE

WP: Barnes (1-0)  Rondon (0-1)  Kimbrel (2)

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