Patting Isaiah Thomas on the head is a BAD idea

Patting Isaiah Thomas on the head is a BAD idea

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Patting Isaiah Thomas on the head is a BAD idea

Marcus Smart wrote a little piece about getting ready for the Players’ Tribune. It’s a really good look into who Marcus Smart is… some of the struggles he’s been through (more on that in a second)… and perhaps his biggest mistake of the season: Patting Isaiah Thomas on the head.

I was walking off the court next to him, and I guess I was a little too excited, because without even really thinking about it, I start patting Isaiah on the top of his head. I give him a few good, hard pats — just to, I don’t know, let him know that I’m real proud of him. It was just a reflex … like how you pat a kid on the head.

Isaiah stopped smiling.

Shi*t. Not good.

I already knew what I’d done. I’d crossed a line.

He looked up at me and said: “Don’t ever do that again.”

He was very calm about it. Then he nodded. I nodded. And that was it.

And that’s how I know this year’s team is different. That’s how I know this team is ready.

Earning the top seed? Yeah, the team is psyched about that. But if you really want to know what makes us different this year, it’s in that reaction by Isaiah. I know Isaiah well and he’s the best teammate in the world, but even I — just for a moment — made the mistake … the same mistake that other people have been making throughout his whole life:

You don’t pat him on the head. You don’t mess with Isaiah. You respect him.

This is awesome. Just flat-out awesome. It’s so much insight into who both these guys are and how much everyone there looks to this as Isaiah’s team.

There is A LOT more in this piece… Smart’s interactions with Bostonians… how KG gave him a shot of confidence… his role… his confidence… all of it. Here’s the full piece for you to check out.

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