The Realist - What is a 'Philly Guy'?

The Realist - What is a 'Philly Guy'?

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The Realist - What is a 'Philly Guy'?

There’s an interesting process in how a city earns it’s namesake.

For a city like New York, it’s how the city never sleeps as well as being the greatest example of capitalism and the idea that “if you make it there, you’ll make it anywhere”. Los Angeles is the city of stars. It’s the city of Hollywood. It’s where people go to be famous on the big screen. Washington D.C. is where you go if you have the dream of being a politician and engage in the ultimate public service.

Las Vegas is a playground. (I only know it’s technically Atlantic City, but at the rate that city is declining with casinos going bankrupt left and right, just give that title to Las Vegas.)

Philadelphia has always been known as a blue-collar town. People here wake up, grab their lunch pails, and head to work — whatever that may be. Each city’s namesake makes it special, but should the athletes in those towns have to adapt or change to fit these namesakes?

For as long as I can remember, I always hear the term “Philly Guy” when it comes to our sports teams signing different guys to play for the teams here. It’s a phrase that continues to come around to this day in 2017. This is what always bugged me. What does that term really mean? I always thought I was a “Philly Guy” because it’s where I was born, raised, and still call home.

When it comes to athletes, I can safely say that I don’t care if they’re “Philly Guys” as long as they perform. The term should be retired from use because the younger generation of sports fans don’t really know what it means, either.

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