Game 5: Show Me What You Got

Game 5: Show Me What You Got


Game 5: Show Me What You Got

There’s not much to say on this game,
The injury list remains the same,
Everything is super lame,
Who can we possibly blame?

Krug is hurt and Carlo too,
McQuaid and Hayes still have boo boos,
Pretty serious? Yeah, this is true,
What else can the Bruins do?

Bergeron could fly and score,
Marchand could give us way more,
Pastrnak could tally four,
Come on boys, don’t be a bore!

McAvoy, you darling dear,
There’s still room for your first goal here,
One that you get without fear,
Of it being called back with a sneer!

You boys need some goals and you need them fast,
Get the puck, shoot it with a blast,
Your confidence must be steadfast,
Your effort cannot be half-assed!

Tuukka Rask, stand on your head,
The rest of your team has gone to bed,
this season has killed them totally dead,
But you can help fill the Sens with dread!

Anderson, Phaneuf and Ryan,
Should have to leave this game cryin’,
Why are you Bruins not even tryin’
To punch their hopes and send them flyin’?

You have no choice but winning this game,
Or you’ll go back from whence you came,
If beating the Sens is not your aim,
Tonight will be your final shame.

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