The end of the road for Marc-Andre Fleury

The end of the road for Marc-Andre Fleury


The end of the road for Marc-Andre Fleury

We all kind of assumed this was it, but as it turns out, Fleury knew his days in Pittsburgh were about done way back in February…

Sort of explains the question about the tribute mask we all quickly deciphered around that time.

So Fleury will be exposed in the upcoming expansion draft, and Vegas would honestly be stupid to pass on him. There’s no guarantees, obviously, but goaltenders like Fleury — at least goaltenders with three Stanley Cups on their resume — are truly hard to find. He immediately sure-up the most important position on the ice, and his personality would do wonders for the PR department of an expansion team. It all just really makes a lot of sense.

So happiest of trails to Fleury. The emergence of Matt Murray made a lot of people forget how incredible he was in his time in Pittsburgh, but we have a feeling this team, and the fans, will miss him at some point.

We have a Fleury tribute post coming, but for now…

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