Bearcats BlogCast: Episode 76 - We're Not Dead Yet

Bearcats BlogCast: Episode 76 - We're Not Dead Yet

Cincinnati Bearcats

Bearcats BlogCast: Episode 76 - We're Not Dead Yet

Like a phoenix from the ashes, the Bearcats BlogCast has returned. Matt Opper and I were both undergoing separate soul searching life journeys that took us to all edges of the globe. Or Matt moved and didn’t have the bottom shelf wifi required to Skype for 3 months. Perhaps both.

Whatever the case may be, we are BACK BAY-BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. We aren’t just back for one week, we are back for good. This is happy news for both of us, obviously, and we hope it’s happy news for you. Hopefully you haven’t forgotten that this podcast, and blog, exist. I really hope that if I’m being sincere and honest.

On to this podcast episode, the positive episode 76. Matt and I jump right into loving what Luke Fickell and his coaching staff are accomplishing on the recruiting trail. We talk about all of the great things that are happening. That spins off into a discussion of previews for the upcoming football season, a topic we will delve into late in the summer.

From there we talk about the great things Cincinnati basketball has done with the non-conference schedule. If you’ve ever heard the podcast, read the blog, seen tweets, you know that Matt and I haven’t been happy with the quality of the non-con schedule. That has changed this season.

There are also our familiar tangents, one of which starts the show. Like previous editions of the show, you can find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and anywhere else podcasts are found for that matter. If there are more places you want the podcast, I will provide them.

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