Gossiping Timberwolves after Jimmy Butler acquisition

Gossiping Timberwolves after Jimmy Butler acquisition

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Gossiping Timberwolves after Jimmy Butler acquisition

So the news has sunk in: Jimmy Butler‘s playing for the Timberwolves!

The fan reactions, the notifications, and the like have settled down.

Timberwolves Twitter feels like a ghost town again, patiently waiting for the next Timberwolves event, but the conversations between Timberwolves fans continue in private.

Ever wondered what’s behind the scenes?

Well, you’re about to find out. Here’s a (leaked!) transcript of my Timberwolves gossip with Austin Paolillo, a diehard fan, on Twitter after the Jimmy Butler acquisition.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy:

Me: Jimmy butler!!!!!!!!

Austin: Absolutely! Gonna miss pre-injury Zach, though. But who knows if pre-injury Zach is what the Bulls are getting??

Me: I just think of it like this: Butler’s a better version of lavine. Either way we’re gonna be gooood

Austin: Patton look solid as well. Get a Towns lite vibe. This could be the best Timberwolves squad in Wolves history next year.

Me: good pt. I like the way patton dunks! He’s a solid backup once Jordan Hill‘s contract expires

Me: learn a few things about defense from Cole Aldrich. A few things on offense from Karl-Anthony Towns. And he’s gonna be solid!

Austin: I thought I read somewhere that hill was a team option. I wonder what’s going on with Ricky Rubio? I hope he stays.

Me: oh, even better! We signed Jordan Hill, and he didn’t play a game for us. i don’t recall exactly.

Me: but I feel like ricky [will] prob gets traded. Thibs is retooling the roster

Me: you’re starting to see his guys come in

Austin: Jeff Teague?

Me: OHH I like that!

Me: you know teague’s going to play solid minutes. most likely off the bench

Me: but that would be a good replacement for shabazz

Austin: It’s funny, because before the trade, I didn’t want Shabazz Muhammad to resign. But after, I feel like we’re [thin] for some reason. Zach LaVine could just ball.

Austin: I wonder if the addition of Jimmy Butler was enough for Andre Iguodala to take a reasonable deal to sign here??

Me: whaaa…man…nooo!

Me: now that we got butler, we don’t need to iggy

Me: he’s gonna be an overpaid veteran

Austin: Who’s behind Andrew Wiggins?

Me: I want vince carter!

Me: you’re definitely gonna sign him on the cheap

Me: he’s what…like 40?

Austin: OMG. Yes…

Me: bring in nick young too

Me: and you got a couple of sharpshooters off the bench

Austin: Oh man. This is finally it. If Rubio goes, this really signals the end of an age. The jerseys and arena will just be the broom sweeping up the last 13 years


Me: let’s go the playoffs already!

Me: someone on twitter said we’re at best the 6th seed

Me: i was like so what???

Me: we’re making the playoffs

Me: get outta there!

Austin: I’ll take sixth

Me: exactly!

Follow Austin on Twitter. He’s a diehard Timberwolves fan, and a great dad!

Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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