Jamal Crawford joined the Timberwolves for these reasons

Jamal Crawford joined the Timberwolves for these reasons


Jamal Crawford joined the Timberwolves for these reasons

Dear Timberwolves fans,

You probably listened to this:

You probably read this.


The point is Jamal Crawford‘s got some interesting quotes on the Timberwolves, and his thought process behind coming here.

I’m not going to transcribe his thoughts on The Scoop (although I do recommend listening to it!)

(And when you think about it… his thoughts on The Scoop and the Star Tribune…it’s more or less the same!)

(It’s just PR)

You know what’s not PR? Jamal genuinely answering some questions, giving you more insight as to why he chose to sign here.

Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to paste Jamal’s quotes from his interview with Jerry, reverse-engineer the question, and connect any missing dots with my takes.

I’ll also tell you if it sounds like PR, or if it sounds genuine.

Alright, you ready?

From Jerry Zgoda’s piece:

Jamal: “The ties with Minnesota always have kind of been there,” Crawford said. “It’s come full circle now, and the stars lined up at the right time.”

Jerry’s question: What was it about the Timberwolves that attracted you to this team?

My Take: sounds genuine to me when you think about the context. He mentioned his relationship with Jeff Teague, Cole Aldrich, Assistant Coach Rick Brunson. Plus, he was drafted here in Minneapolis by the Bulls.

So yeah…Jamal answered that question sincerely. He signed here partially because of those relationships.

Jamal on his relationship with Mr. Taylor: “It’s weird, but we’ve been friendly from Day 1,” Crawford said. “We always shook hands. There was always something there, just knowing him a bit.”

Jerry’s question: how well do you know Thibs as a coach?

My Take: I think Jamal rambled a bit. He started talking about Thibs, in my mind, and then suddenly thought of Mr. Taylor and had to complete his thought.

At the same time, the Timberwolves did want him in the past. So at some point, they did develop a relationship with Jamal. Plus Jamal was drafted here in Minneapolis—Mr. Taylor was probably there during Draft Day—so yeah it’s true Jamal does have a relationship with Mr. Taylor but I wouldn’t say it started from Day 1.

I will say this: Mr. Taylor could have gotten involved, once upon a time, because he knew Jamal but chose not to tell anyone, which was why no one knew about it.

You never know, Timberwolves fans. That could’ve been another incentive for Jamal to join us.

Jamal on Zach LaVine going to Chicago and him being here: “That’s crazy,” Crawford said. “He’s where I started and for me, hopefully I can be here the rest of my years.”

Jerry’s question: Have you talked to Zach LaVine about Minnesota and playing for the Timberwolves?

My Take: There’s a lot of irony in that quote. Jamal and Zach are from Seattle, so they have that bond. I’m sure he did his due diligence on the team before signing here, which involves talking to Mr. LaVine. So Jamal, in my mind, didn’t really say anything new.

Is he sincere about playing here for the rest of his career? Yes, but he knows it’s a business.

That’s probably why he has a player option, so I think he’s saying that after securing flexibility and stability in his contract.

Jamal on the Timberwolves pursuit: 

“They showed they were serious, trying to get things done right away,” Crawford said. “I felt like the time is right. I felt like I could fit. At this point of my career, I could easily chase a championship. I’m not saying we won’t compete, but it’s not about that. I want to take the journey and go through the wars with these guys. The Cavs, they’ve been there. Those guys know what it’s like to be in the Finals and win a championship. The Warriors, same deal. If I went there and let’s say we happen to win, what’s next? Sometimes it’s more gratifying to help teams go from one point to another point.

“That’s the challenge. That’s what so fun about it. What if you went to the movies and knew how it ended when the movie started? It’s exciting because nobody really knows what we can be.”

Jerry’s question: How serious were the reports that the Timberwolves were aggressively pursuing you?

My Take: If you have to distil what Jamal said into a sentence, he believed he was a fit here at this time.

Great! What’s interesting is that he said he loves being a mentor, helping these players, and this team, grow into a contender.

He’s expressing his emotions here. He’s very excited about the team’s future.

Just like us Timberwolves fans.

So if you think about it, Jamal signed with the Timberwolves because of the places that he could have signed with, he felt the most wanted and valued here.


Jamal feels loved and is excited to be here with the Timberwolves.

Here’s the real question: who made him feel that way?

Here’s the answer:

That’s probably why Thibs is smiling all the time.


He traded for a player in Jimmy Butler who could lure players, like Jamal Crawford, to Minnesota.

This offseason, the Timberwolves showed everyone in the league that they’re serious contenders by adding to their young core.

If you really think about it, that’s what attracted Jamal to the Timberwolves.

Let me say that again: the Timberwolves have a comprehensive plan on returning to the playoffs, which involves him—yeah, it includes him!—and he wants to be apart of that.

Everything else—being drafted in Minneapolis by the Bulls, his relationship with the players, doing his due diligence on the team, etc—was icing on the cake.

Salad dressing on a salad, so to speak.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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