The Future of SaintsNation

The Future of SaintsNation


The Future of SaintsNation

If you’ve been living under a rock (or just have a life and don’t check your favorite Saints blog every day, whatever) you may not yet be aware that Andrew Juge the father of Saints Nation has decided it is time for him to take a well earned break from the blogging world. I call it a break because, while Andrew has deemed it a retirement the door will always be open here at SaintsNation for him to return be it for a single article, or on a more consistent basis. For those of you who read between the lines that last sentence already answered the question that is undoubtedly on some of your minds: yes, SaintsNation will continue to run.

Andrew has asked me to take over the day to day running of the site as he steps away, and I have accepted. I can’t promise the same levels of consistency and quality that he held himself to, but I can promise I will try to meet them as much as possible. I’m going to do my best to continue to provide quality Saints related content and at the bottom I have highlighted the weekly posts you can still expect during the season (these at minimum I am able to guarantee). With Andrew’s departure SaintsNation is going to be in need of content providers to fill his void, and if anyone reading this would like to try their hand at writing about the team and sharing their passion for the game feel free to reach out. You can message me on twitter (@kirus16), message the SaintsNation twitter account (@SaintsNationBlg ), find us on Facebook ( or simply reach out in the comments section below.

We here at SaintsNation have been incredibly proud to work with Andrew, and we are looking forward to maintaining the site he helped build.

Here is hoping everyone has a great day,

and as always…..WHO DAT!!


In-Season Weekly posts:

  • Chronic Podcast
  • SaintsNation Podcast
  • Last game’s review and Grades
  • Next Game’s preview and key match-ups
  • Game day: players to watch

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