Carmelo Anthony On Future: Knicks Know What I'm Looking For

Carmelo Anthony On Future: Knicks Know What I'm Looking For


Carmelo Anthony On Future: Knicks Know What I'm Looking For

Once again speaking as part of his hosting duties of The Basketball Tournament, Carmelo Anthony wasn’t one to hold back when it came to his future with the Knicks.

In an interview on ESPN, Anthony said that he has spoken to new General Manager Scott Perry on multiple occasions. It certainly doesn’t sound as though the executive was exactly trying to convince Anthony that New York was the place for him.

“Conversations have been had,’’ Anthony told Scott Van Pelt. “There’ve been plenty of conversations that have been had on both sides. I think we both know where we stand as far as myself, as far as the Knicks organization. They know how I feel. I know how they feel.”

The need to start fresh as an organization and explore trades for Anthony has never once been disputed by those on the outside looking in. Basketball is a business. After continued failures and respective shortcomings with Anthony at the center of it all, the Knicks need to find a new solution. There has to be another formula for success. That’s never been the issue. The issue at hand, one that made things difficult for both Anthony and the ball club, was the poor manner in which former President Phil Jackson opted to go about potentially solving the problem. He was too comfortable putting Anthony down and airing the team’s laundry in the public eye.

“Things were put on the table. It was great dialogue, great conversations from both sides. Respectful from both sides,” Anthony said of his conversations with Perry.

All things considered, respect and an open dialogue is exactly what both sides can hope for at this point. That will help them find a resolution much quicker.

At this point in his career, Anthony has hopes of winning a championship. He’s still a quality talent and is interested in competing for something more substantial while he can still make meaningful contributions in his prime. If the Knicks want to get the greatest return value upon dealing him, they’ll need to act fast and get something done sooner than later. Anthony still has value and can help New York position the organization properly in setting a foundation for future success.

The two sides need to work together. Anthony may need to come to terms with the fact that if he doesn’t open his no-trade list, the alternative may be remaining in New York. How badly does he want to leave? Can the Knicks get a deal done? That remains to be seen, but there’s still a lot of offseason left.

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