53 man roster prediction: part 3

53 man roster prediction: part 3


53 man roster prediction: part 3

There is no more cuts to 75. With only a few changes there are not a lot of shocking revelations this week from last week though the team seems pretty settled right now.
There are a lot of guys we agree upon unanimously (43!!) and there are 9 other positions that have 3 or more guys naming one guy. If it were not for Andrew calling Edmunds a dark horse, all skill positions would have been set. The real position battle there is seems to be the 6th LB spot. Of course we can not look into Paytons head, but if you ask our staff we clearly have 52 spots filled.
  • Tommy-Lee Lewis now clearly wins the WR spot.
  • Te’o made the final 53 as well.
  • Anthony dropped from the face of the earth.
  • Mauti is in a battle to the death with Bighill, this is THE battle to watch.
  • On the CB front there are a lot of guys on the out looking in!
  • If Edmunds continues to impress Lasco could be in trouble.
  • The Tackles behind Ramczyk and Strief are a mystery though if we have to keep one it would be Barnes.

Writers” contributing (I am using parentheses because of Andrew):

The positions

  • QB
    1. Brees, Daniel
  • RB
    1. Ingram, Kamara, Peterson
    2. Lasco (BB, BP, RD, MP)
    3. Edmunds (AJ)
  • FB
    1. Kuhn
  • WR
    1. Coleman, Ginn, Lewis, Snead, Thomas
  • TE
    1. Fleener, Hill, Hoomanawanui
  • T
    1. Ramczyk, Strief
    2. Barnes (BP, RD, MP)
    3. Some FA (AJ)
  • G
    1. Kelemete, Peat, Warford
    2. Turner (AJ, BP, RD, MP)
    3. Fullington (BB)
    4. Sokoli (MP)
  • C
    1. Unger
    2. LeRibeus (AJ, BB, RD)
  • DT
    1. Davison, Onyemata, Rankins
    2. McDaniel (AJ, BP, RD, MP)
    3. Loewen (AJ, BP)
  • DE
    1. Jordan, Okafor, Kikaha, Muhammad
    2. Hendrickson (AJ, BB, RD, MP)
    3. Gwacham (BB)
  • LB
    1. Anzalone, Klein, Robertson, Stupar, Te’o
    2. Mauti (BP, MP)
    3. Bighill (AJ, RD)
    4. Anthony (BB)
  • CB
    1. Crawley, Lattimore, Moore, P.J. Williams
    2. De’Vante Harris (AJ, BB, BP, RD)
    3. Breaux (BB, BP, RD, MP)
    4. Swann (BB)
    5. Maulet (BP)
    6. Foreman (MP)
  • S
    1. Bush, Vaccaro, Marcus Williams, Bell
    2. Banjo (AJ, BP, RD, MP)
    3. Erik Harris (BB)
  • K
    1. Lutz
  • P
    1. Morstead
  • LS
    1. Drescher

A few notes:

  • Armstead is heading to PUP
  • Whenever Anthony and Hendrickson were not making final cuts they were designated IR (to return).
  • Also Andrew Juge thinks Lewis is going to IR. I also considered that but he would return in week 3 earliest or possibly after the bye week. IR would keep him from playing game 6 to 8 as well.
  • I need to retract a statement I made last week: I think Nassib can now be cut as he can not be seen as the QB of the future because he did not keep it up. Saints will trade up into the first round for Brees’ heir.


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