2017-2018 State of Days of Y'Orr Address

2017-2018 State of Days of Y'Orr Address


2017-2018 State of Days of Y'Orr Address

Before I get into this, support us on Patreon. Everything we’ve been able to do has been funded through Patreon. Adobe packages, editing software and equipment, subscriptions to various things such as Soundcloud and Vimeo. The Days of Y’Orr staff has not pocketed one dollar since we launched our Patreon. Your continued support will allow us to do more things at DOY.

Good morning everyone!

Your #1 trashboy here checking in with our ‘State of Days of Y’Orr’ address to outline some major changes that will be coming down the pike next season. On Memorial Day, we all got together for food, drink, Mario Kart and to talk about Days of Y’Orr. Bree even came down from Canada!

I like to think of our State of Days of Y’Orr address as an annual thing where we focus on transparency. Transparency has always been a big deal to me because if you’re not transparent with your readers, you’re more than likely hiding something.

We have nothing to hide from you guys. Instead, I want you to get excited for everything we’re going to be bringing you next season.


We’ve added new tiers to our Patreon and are continuing to make our patrons feel like they’re getting their monies worth when they support us. We re-adjusted some rewards with some exclusive content including ‘Flicks and Sticks’ and monthly Q&As.

We’re also changing up both The Optional Skate and The Trash Cast podcasts, but I’ll get to those a little later.

A lot of our Patreon changes happened this summer so not much will change in terms of tiers over the course of the NHL season.


The Optional Skate podcast will be once a week when the season starts! The reason we decided to go to a once a week show is because we felt the information we talked about and eventually released to you was outdated by the time you heard it. Yes, it was easy to talk about past games, but forecasting the future was hard when the games were already old before the episode was even uploaded.

The podcast will continue to have Bree, Robb and myself as your three main participants with Jon, Marshall, Justin (lol maybe?) and potential guests all coming in at different times throughout the season. We will also have a 5 person podcast a few times this season because that was incredibly fun to do.

So with one podcast a week, what happens to The Trash Cast? Well, The Trash Cast will now come out twice a month with one episode being exclusive to Patreon. The Trash Cast will be releasing on the 15th and 30th of each month.

The episode released on the 15th will be released simultaneously to Patreon and all other podcasting services around the globe. This is your iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, TuneIn, et al. The second episode of the month will be released exclusively to Patreon on the 30th.

We’ve added another little stipulation for you. Anyone at the $2 and higher levels will be able to submit a topic for The Trash Cast and we’ll talk about it. This isn’t going to be limited to the Patreon exclusive episode.


Our writing is changing! We’ll be moving away from photoshops for a more statistical analysis that includes WOWY and Corsi exclusively.

Just kidding.

While Marshall and I still may throw CA/60 all up in your faces, we’re going to continue the DOY style that you guys love, but things are changing a tad. Our format will be different.

Game Previews

Instead of the game by game preview, you’ll be getting a larger “week of” preview which will discuss everything we talk about in game-to-game previews.

The reason we’re doing this is because writing previews suck. They’re relatively information-less pieces with lines and a photoshop or two. Instead of giving you multiple previews that recap the game recap, we’re giving you a week’s preview.

There is going to be some game day stuff, but it’ll be a very parsed down version of what you see now. Instead of focusing on a narrative, we’re going to give you the gameday experience. Where to find games online. What we’re drinking. Potential lines. Injury news. We aren’t going to create a narrative for a narrative’s sake like we have in the past.  

Game Recaps

Game recaps will remain the same since they’re some of our most entertaining stuff. We believe that everyone reads our game recaps because they’re knowledgeable and incredibly entertaining. We’re not giving into a standardized recap format because we believe each staff member has a unique way of recapping a game.

Everything Else

With game previews only being a weekly thing, it will free up time to have us write different things. We’ve been quite the preview/recap factory over the last couple seasons and have gotten away from the fun shit we like to write like “Point/Counterpoint”, “Pez Plays GM” and the fun stuff like #DaysofYorregon and the Bruins Hunger Games.

Doing a weekly preview will allow us more time to do these things. It’ll allow us more time to break things down, to shake things up, to be more creative and have some fun. Hell, I may do some NHL 18 streaming this year when I’m bored and the Bruins aren’t on.

There  are a few more tricks up our sleeves that we’d rather not disclose at this time. Despite my love of transparency, I still want you guys to be surprised.

This season is going to be a blast and we want you guys to be there with us for the ride.  

Greg aka Pez

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