Saints Nation Guru #3 – Panthers

Saints Nation Guru #3 – Panthers


Saints Nation Guru #3 – Panthers

The season opener. Boy Have I been waiting for this. No more pre-season games. Finally we can see the starters play for real this time.

Clearly I am in denial.

Last weeks answers; … Oh god! There were 10!! plays over 20 yards by the Patriots. Nobody came even close! Cooks only had 37 receiving yards which was beaten by 2 Saints WRs; so no. Oddly enough there were less then 60 total points scored. Anzalone was 4th in Tackles but lead all LBs with 5. Also Micheal L Stolfi; had you not thought of Vaccaro as a LB you might have been able to win twice in a row! For the Tie-breaker the answer was 429 yards (348 receiving and 81 rushing).

The best had 1 correct answer and the worst had 0 correct answers. Apparently the game was worse then we all thought it could be. And since I was only 10 points off with the total yardage clearly I am … NOT the winner this week. Oh Damn you El Imanov! You had to go 4 under me and be only 6 yards off. Congratulations…. But I will be coming for you!

The worst guy this week was Mateus João Feldhaus because we have no player named Analzone… Haha nah I am gonna count that as a correct answer. Your phone probably corrected it.
Since the guys with a very bad tie-breaker answer had all at least 1 answer correct the honor goes to Andrew Juge for the Falcons cup. Aren’t you glad you joined this week!? You got a shiny Falcons cup to remember this game for a long time! I am gonna repeat my question to you during the game: “Are you ok buddy?”

The leaderboard:

Saints Nation Guru

  1. Micheal L Stolfi
    El Imanov

Falcons Cup

  1. Joseph Lopez
    Andrew Juge

Next weeks questions:

  1. Does Kikaha play more then 10 snaps?
  2. Will Ken Crawley be active this game?
  3. Which Saints RB will get the most yards?
  4. How many times does Cam Newton get sacked?
  5. What is the total yardage the Saints defense will allow this game?


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