Sox Fire John Farrell

Sox Fire John Farrell

Red Sox

Sox Fire John Farrell

Dave Dombrowski announced yesterday that the Red Sox decided that John Farrell will not return to mange the Red Sox in 2018.   Farrell still had one year left on his contract, which will be paid out to him.    Farrell joined the team as the Manager in 2013 and led the team to a World Series title.   He then managed the team to two last place finishes in 2014 and 2015.   The Sox then won the division back to back, the first time in franchise history, under his watch in 2016 and 2017.   However, at the same time the Sox underperformed both years and were easily sent packing in the ALDS.

Many have felt that Farrell lost control of the clubhouse and his players and that is the reason for his dismissal.   Dombrowski would not get specific with the reasons for his decision, so we’ll have to just decide for ourselves.

Some possible early candidates for the job are Brad Ausmus, Alex Cora, Brian Butterfield and Gary Discarcina.   Some people are throwing Jason Varitek’s name around, but I can’t imagine anyone in the inner circle actually taking that seriously.

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