Tarasenko fights, admits he's had a few boxing lessons

Tarasenko fights, admits he's had a few boxing lessons


Tarasenko fights, admits he's had a few boxing lessons

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As if St. Louis Blues fans needed more reasons to love Vladimir Tarasenko, the star forward upped the ante on Tuesday night by putting up two goals, two assists and one awesome fight.

The two goals and two assists are more of the same from the reliable Tarasenko, but the fight was a pretty big surprise. It occurred after Brayden Schenn had his head down and had an awkward knee-to-knee collision with Matthew Benning. Tarasenko thought the hit crossed the line, so he dropped his gloves for just the third time in his career.

That’s a strong fight by a player who rarely engages in that side of the game.

Following their lopsided 8-3 win, Tarasenko gave some beautiful quotes to reporters about the fight.

That last sentence is my favorite. He doesn’t want to fight, but he’s not going to shy away from a bout if the situation calls for one.

Benning found out the hard way that Tarasenko isn’t a pushover even if he’d prefer to score goals. It turns out that Tarasenko may have had a lesson or two.

Seriously, how lucky are Blues fans to have this guy on their team?

The Tarasenko era with the Blues is a special one that fans need to recognize even though it’s still evolving. This is a special, special time and a special, special player.

Maybe The Office said it the best:

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