AngelsWin Top 30 Prospects: #31 OF Jonah Todd

AngelsWin Top 30 Prospects: #31 OF Jonah Todd


AngelsWin Top 30 Prospects: #31 OF Jonah Todd

Prospect: Jonah Todd       Rank: 23
2016: UR                               Position(s): Right Handed Pitcher
Level: A Ball                         Age: Entering Age 22 season in 2018.
Height: 6’0”                            Weight: 185 lb.

                         Present                Future

Hitting Ability            45                                           55
Power                        30                                          30
Base Running            50                                          55
Patience                    55                                           60
Fielding                     70                                           70
Range                        55                                           55
Arm                           55                                           55
Overall                      45                                           50
Floor: Minor League depth.                         Ceiling: Starting OF in MLB renowned for his ability to hit for average and play very good defense.
Likely Outcome: 4th OF in MLB or AAA OF.

Summary: Todd’s story is one that has been told many times before, and it never gets old.  Players, coaches, scouts, front offices and fans alike all love the player that has overcome the odds to be where he is right now.  That’s Jonah Todd.  No one was interested in him after high school, and he went to a relatively unknown JC.  Despite playing well at the JC, no major college programs took notice.  His coach at the JC called a friend at Auburn and convinced them to take a look at Todd.  Auburn liked what they saw and offered him a spot on the team.

Without a scholarship, Todd was expected to be depth at Auburn, but not be featured in a starting role. Through hard work and discipline, Todd impressed his coaches and got himself into the lineup.  Since then, Todd hasn’t looked back, batting .376 at a major college program with excellent rated defense.

Todd was unable to play in any of the offseason leagues college players tend to play in because he had to earn enough money to pay for school.  He stocked shelves at a local Wal-Mart before being drafted.  Upon his selection, the Angels sent Todd to Orem where he walked more than twice as often as he struck out, which is impressive.  Upon his promotion to Class A Burlington, Todd was at a more suitable level, and was solid yet unspectacular.

As a player, Todd’s a solid defender and hitter.  He uses the whole field and is an above average runner that flashes “plus” bat to ball skills.  There isn’t a ton of power to his game, and while he is fast, stolen bases haven’t been featured yet either.  We’ll see if those end up being part of his game in the future.

What to expect next season: Todd wasn’t so dominant at Burlington that we can expect him to begin 2018 at Inland Empire in the Cal League.  It isn’t out of the question, particularly if he shows up to camp in the Spring and impresses, but for now, given how young Todd is and his remarkable journey, it may be time to slow down and actually find out what the Angels have here from their 6th round pick.
Estimated Time of Arrival: Middle of 2020, Jonah’s age 24 season.
Grade as a prospect: C
Grades are given from the 20-80 scouting scale.  20-being non-existent ability, 80-being the best I’ve ever seen.  MLB average is 50.  A 92 mph fastball generally would be a 50.  A 97 mph fastball is a 65.  A .260 hitter is a 50.  A .300 hitter is a 70. 

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