Super Salty Simmonds. BRUINS WIN!!!

Super Salty Simmonds. BRUINS WIN!!!


Super Salty Simmonds. BRUINS WIN!!!

Today in what could have been just another a horrid matinee road game, the Bruins beat the Philadelphia Flyers 3-0.

Tuukka Rask got a nice, fancy shut out for himself (thanks to a nice coach’s challenge that actually went in their favor for once) and overall the team played rather well.

You’ll notice that I’m using a different format for this post simply because I need to change things up every now and then so I don’t get bored. So, that being said:

Let’s talk about some things.

1) Charlie McAvoy had himself a decent game out there but spent what seemed to be a sizable chunk of time in the penalty box even though it was just 4 minutes. This is probably still just growing pains, I’m sure of it. He’s still new here and still settling into the NHL and while mistakes are going to happen, the kid has been pretty stellar thus far.

2) David Pastrnak is still pretty great you guys. He scored this pretty goal today for himself:

So pretty.

3) Brad Marchand is the poo and I advise you all to take a whiff.

This is one of those “if you blink you’ll miss it” goals and it sure was fancy for being as simple as it looked.

4) Also scoring an actual goal today was one Ryan Spooner. Who?

No, but for real. You didn’t just have a stroke and you’re not hallucinating. There’s video evidence to show us this is a real thing.

I mean come on. That’s beautiful. Be this guy, Spooner. Do these things.

5) Dear Wayne Simmons,

You seem confused as to why that goal was called back so here’s basically what you need to know: If you bonk the goalie in the head with your elbow that is what we call goalie interference. That means no goal, pal.



6) Noel Acciari also almost had a goal but it was determined to have been batted in off a high stick. In the grand scheme of things, this didn’t end up matter in at all since the game ended in a shut out for the Bruins anyway.

7) Tuukka. Rask.

8) Did I notice Kevan Miller today? Yes. I did. He got into a scrap with Simmons and then got a penalty. If I recall correctly he spent like 7 minutes in the penalty box this game. He also fed a nice shot to Acciari that almost ended up being a goal. My sheer hatred for this man has dissipated this season. I can handle this version of Kevan Miller. I just wish his name wasn’t spelled wrong.


9) Philadelphia, your broadcasters are toaster strudels who wouldn’t know icing if it was spread on their Christmas fruitcake.

10) David Krejci tried so hard out there today. I spent the game rooting for him and he did his best but sadly not much came of his efforts.

He was all over the ice using his speedy feet and working so hard to get a goal that sadly didn’t come for him. Sometimes I’m irritated with Krejci because I feel like he should be better then he has games like this where his hands are on fire and he’s in a great place and get even more irritated when he has those crappy games because there is proof that he can do good things. Long sentence? Yep. Did it make any sense? Probably not, but I know what I meant.


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