AngelsWin Top 30 Prospects: # 24 OF D'Shawn Knowles

AngelsWin Top 30 Prospects: # 24 OF D'Shawn Knowles


AngelsWin Top 30 Prospects: # 24 OF D'Shawn Knowles

Prospect: D’Shawn Knowles
Rank: 24
2016: UR
Position(s): OF
Level: Rookie Ball
Age: Entering Age 17 season in 2018.
Height: 5’11” – Weight: 170 lb.
*Note – D’Shawn is not a player I’ve seen personally and there isn’t a ton available as far as his scouting reports go.  All information I have received is second hand, so take this with a grain of salt.
Floor: Minor League Depth
Ceiling: Major League Regular
Likely Outcome: Unknown

Summary: So much of what we know about Knowles comes from sites based in the Bahamas that come across as mere advertisements, or from candid quotes from the Angels scouts.  So please keep in mind, everything I have here is based off a quick conversation and some googling.  We know the Angels liked Knowles enough to make him their second biggest international signee at an $850,000 bonus.  Knowles ranked among the top 40 international prospects his age, and the Angels made sure he joined with fellow countryman Trent Deveaux in the Angels system.

Knowles is an athletic, energetic outfielder whose best skills currently are his speed and defense.  Because of a growth spurt in the last year (again, just 16 years old) that saw Knowles grow two inches and gain 10+ pounds of muscle, it is believed that Knowles could develop and grow into some power, but this is projection , and one that is at least a few years away.

Really, all we can say with confidence right now is that this kid is supposed to be a pretty decent ball player, and the Angels believed it so much that they paid a lot of money for him.

Oh and fun fact, his twin brother D’Vaughn just signed with the Texas Rangers.

What to expect next season: As I understand, the Angels plan on keeping Deveaux stateside for his age 17 season, and because a great deal of what happens at the Dominican academy is culturally preparing children for the U.S., and Knowles already speaks English and have spent a considerable amount of time in his life stateside, going to the Dominican Sumer League will likely be fruitless.  So I expect Knowles to remain in extended Spring Training and break camp with the Angels Arizona League affiliate.

Estimated Time of Arrival: Unknown.
Grade as a prospect: C

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