QB Tidbits...

QB Tidbits...

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QB Tidbits...

First things first, I haven’t really been writing as much as I’d like, that’s my fault. I love writing, I’ve got my own blog, this is cool.

So I need to write more, even if only just to express my thoughts and nobody else reads this, at least I have a platform.

With that, here are 10 quick QB tidbits from around the league…

  1. Up until the last couple of weeks, I had Russell Wilson as a dark horse to win the league MVP. His play has been nothing short of it. 29 total TD (26 passing and 3 rushing) with just 8 INTs and Seattle sitting pretty at 8-3. But the last three weeks have really killed all the MVP talk, including a 42-7 loss at home to the Rams, a beat down by the Jaguars for 45 minutes, and a win over Dallas in which Wilson threw for just 93 yards, albeit with two touchdowns in a must win game. Wilson might get some votes, but he isn’t winning league MVP this year.
  2.  Jimmy Garoppolo…is awesome. He’s undefeated as the starting QB for the 49ers, who suddenly have a little swagger in their game. In back-to-back weeks, they’ve knocked off the Titans, who are fighting for a playoff spot, and ran up 37 points on the Jacksonville Jaguars, the same top ranked defensive unit that intercepted Ben Roethlisberger 5 times and handled Russell Wilson for three quarters. Amazing what a QB can do for a franchise.
  3. I don’t know if Case Keenum qualifies for Comeback Player of the Year or not, but he has to win some kind of award this season. Without him taking over for an injured Sam Bradford, I don’t know if the Vikings would be looking at a division title or a possible No. 2 seed in the NFC right now.
  4. Matt Ryan really misses Kyle Shanahan, who is the 49ers head coach.  The reigning MVP fired off 38 touchdowns to 7 interceptions last season while posting a QB rating 117. This year, without Shanahan calling the plays? Try 19 touchdown passes to 12 interceptions and a QB rating of 91. The Falcons went from 11-5 and the No. 2 seed to 9-6, with a win or a Seattle loss just to make the playoffs.
  5. Will Christian Hackenberg ever get to play a down in the NFL? The 2nd rounder from 2016, has been bypassed for the likes of Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh McCown, who played well this season, and Bryce Petty, a former 4th round pick. With one game to go in a lost season, why not play Hackenberg?
  6. Prior to his injury, Carson Wentz may have been the leagues MVP and had Philly in prime position to win the NFC, but now, the Eagles are just another team with Nick Foles at QB.
  7. How disappointing of a season has Derek Carr had? He entered the 2017 season with a ton of promise, and was being touted as a Super Bowl QB for the Raiders, yet he’s fallen short of such expectations. All of Carr’s stats are down from last year with the exception of INTs, which has doubled. He’s gone from being clutch to fumbling away the Raiders season on a Sunday night against Dallas followed by an dreadful performance in a must win against the Eagles on Christmas night.
  8. Speaking of disappointing, what the hell happened to Marcus Mariota? We know DeMarco Murray has had a bad season, but Mariota is something else. With one game to go, he’s -14 in touchdowns from last year, +6 interceptions, and -17 in QB rating. The Titans were in prime position to make the playoffs, and yet, the Titans have dropped three straight games with Mariota tossing just two touchdowns to three interceptions.
  9. For all the praise John Elway received as the GM of the Broncos, it’s also time to hold him accountable for the mess that has been the QB situation in Denver this year. The Broncos have played not 1, not 2, but 3 different starting quarterbacks this year, with none really separating themselves from the other. Denver now is looking to pickup a QB in the draft next season when the year before, they were talking to the 49ers about possibly trading for Colin Kaepernick.
  10. Tom Brady is still doing Tom Brady things. Even at 40-years old, he’s still awesome, and in fact, might be the MVP of the league.  On the road against Pittsburgh, down 5 with under two minutes to play and home field in the AFC on the line, Brady marched the Pats down the field for the eventual game winning touchdown and 2-point conversion. It was the 51st comeback in his career. On the year, Brady has 30 touchdown passes to just 8 interceptions.

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