Saints Nation Guru - Divisional Round – Vikings

Saints Nation Guru - Divisional Round – Vikings


Saints Nation Guru - Divisional Round – Vikings


That was an emotional win. It came to the wire and there were some awesome plays to end out the game. The Saints proved they were fighters and know that nothing comes easy. That is the best you can have to start the playoffs. Not much running; but that shows you there is still a HOF QB named Brees. The first time they went to shut down the run showing that is not the way to beat the Saints. The Vikings have a good defense, but they also have a good offense. Let’s see if we can beat them. If we do we go on the the Super Bowl! This IS the NFC championship!

The guru answers of last week; Yes Lutz made all his kicks. For a pleasant surprise Gano did not which made for the Panthers hungering for a TD in the end. Vonn Bell lead in Tackles (9 total) and as stated above the Saints will play the Vikings (since The Rams could not beat the Falcons at home). Was Cam Newton a toddler in a ridiculous outfit…? First; he is a toddler. The fact that he did not behave as one, does not mean he is 3 years old mentally. His outfit… Doubtful, were it not for the little peacock feather on his suit. I say personally I would not call it is worst look, but still; the answer is Yes. For the Tie-breaker the total was 41 yards of rushing… Yes. Who is this team? Haha!

There were a lot of people with 2 correct answers. Michael L. Stolfi was the only one naming Bell, but did not take into account the ridiculous outfit portion of the 4th question. Luckily for him; he won on the tie-breaker. Tim Pearson was one of 2 with only 1 question correct; he gets the Falcons cup.

With at least one more week to go nothing is certain yet, but; It looks very much like Tim Pearson is winning the Falcons cup for the year. I think this is more than bad luck; this is skill! I am impressed. Also Michael L. Stolfi is now the only one leading the Guru with 5 week titles. With a maximum of 3 games left there are 4 people left who make a chance at some money. I remember Andrews wife 2 years ago winning 3 of the last 4 weeks to take all of it. Right now it is between Andrew Juge, Mateus João Feldhaus, El Imanov and Micheal L. Stolfi. You made the playoffs. So let’s see who wins the Guru year tittle!

The leaderboard:

Saints Nation Guru

5 Micheal L. Stolfi
4 El Imanov
3 Andrew Juge
Mateus João Feldhaus
1 Chris Smith
Marijn Pessers

Falcons Cup

5,5 Tim Pearson
3 Micheal L. Stolfi
Marijn Pessers
2 Andrew Juge
1,5 El Imanov
1 Joseph Lopez
Mateus João Feldhaus

This weeks questions:

  1. Does Payton go for it on 4th down at least once this game?
  2. Which Saint catches the most balls (bonus: How many)?
  3. Do the Saints get at least one INT?
  4. Will the Saints allow points scored on the Vikings first drive?
  5. Tie-breaker: Total amount of yards receiving by the Saints?

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