Saints Nation Guru - The end

Saints Nation Guru - The end


Saints Nation Guru - The end

So close…. Soooo close! All I have to say is that I am more proud of this team than ever. More proud than the Super Bowl team. Mostly because of my growth as a fan, social media and knowing that this is an awesome team.
Who will we see back next year? I know Brees will be back and Okafor most likely too. I do not know about Vaccaro; but we absolutely need Kelemete. The thing is that Kelemete will get starter money somewhere else. If we lose him we better get some great replacement back. If we lose him we need to draft a guard/tackle in the first round.

Anyway, I hope to see you guys back next year too. No more games after this so that is it for the Guru. Will El Imanov win and make Micheal L. Stolfi split his $50 with him?? Here are last weeks answers: Yes, the Saints went for it on 4th down (the 13 yard pass to Snead on the Saints last drive). Thomas had the most yards and 7 catches as people (including me) predicted, but Ginn had the most catches and that number was 8. Yes the Saints had one INT and Yes they also allowed a Vikings score on their first drive. The answer to the tie-breaker is 294 yards receiving total.

So what does this mean? Actually nothing really. 2 people that “do not matter” won the weeks Guru and Falcons cup. The people that “do not matter” are me (I had 3 correct and won by the tie-breaker) over El Imanov. So… well… I DID matter. Me beating El Imanov made sure Micheal L. Stolfi is this years Guru! Congratulations buddy! I will get in contact with Brian to make sure he gives you the prize.
Talking about Micheal. L. Stolfi; he was the only one not getting a singe yes/no question correct. The one he got correct was the toughest of all; Ginn getting the most receptions. He had better tie-breaker answer than Andrew Juge. That is why Andrew gets the last Falcons cup. That does not change the fact that Tim Pearson wins the Falcons Cup for this year with an impressive 5.5 weekly “titles”. To you I say: Shame! Shame! Shame! Try to improve next year!

For now; enjoy the off-season and lets see what this awesome Saints team can do next year.

The final leaderboard

Saints Nation Guru

5 Micheal L. Stolfi
4 El Imanov
3 Andrew Juge
Mateus João Feldhaus
2 Marijn Pessers
1 Chris Smith

Falcons Cup

5,5 Tim Pearson
3 Micheal L. Stolfi
Marijn Pessers
Andrew Juge
1,5 El Imanov
1 Joseph Lopez
Mateus João Feldhaus


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