Red Sox, Lexus team up to Strike Out Hunger yet again

Red Sox, Lexus team up to Strike Out Hunger yet again


Red Sox, Lexus team up to Strike Out Hunger yet again

The Red Sox are known for their success on the diamond — having won eight World Series titles in their history — but they’re also great at giving back to the community.

The team and Boston-area Lexus dealers have teamed up for the third consecutive year, and the two are helping to feed the hungry in the Eastern Massachusetts area via the Strike Out Hunger program.

Every time a Red Sox pitcher records a strikeout this season, Lexus will donate $50 to The Greater Boston Food Bank. To put things in perspective, the Red Sox pitching staff managed to tally 1,362 strikeouts last season.

Lexus has already donated $147,100 to The Greater Boston Food Bank since the Strike Out Hunger program first began, which has amounted to over 437,000 healthy meals having been provided to those in need in the Eastern Massachusetts area.

So, there you have it, Red Sox fans. You now have another reason to cheer on the pitching staff, as they attempt to strike out batters this season, with the team’s win-loss record, as well as those that would have otherwise gone hungry being the benefactors.

[Fans can keep up with the strikeout count on the Strike Out Hunger portion of NESN’s website here.]

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