Check Out Curt Schilling’s New Jesus Tattoo

Check Out Curt Schilling’s New Jesus Tattoo

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Check Out Curt Schilling’s New Jesus Tattoo


Curt Schilling is an interesting fella.

During his baseball career, the righty was one of the top pitchers of his era and an absolute beast in the postseason. Seriously, regardless if you like the guy or not, his 2004 ALCS “bloody sock” performance was legendary.

Off the diamond, Schilling has been anything but.

Whether it’s debating evolution for hours with strangers online or losing his ESPN gig after sharing an anti-transgender rights meme, dude has been enigmatic lightning rod.

You can add his new tattoo to the list of (seemingly) questionable decisions.

Wednesday night, the World Series hero-turned-rightwing conspiracy theorist showed off his new ink on Twitter. And, yes…that is Jesus Christ on the cross with his left hand extending into Schilling’s.

In case you’re scratching your head wondering why that tattoo looks familiar…it’s because you’ve seen it a few times before. Turns out, the 51-year-old’s midlife crisis tat isn’t that original.

Naturally, not everyone was a fan of Schilling’s version.

Guessing he should’ve gone with the Popeye.


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