The Daily Target 4/25/18

The Daily Target 4/25/18


The Daily Target 4/25/18


Last Night: Yankees 8, Twins 3 – The Twins aren’t even competitive in New York. It’s really deflating. Eduardo Escobar did fine though, collecting 3 hits. The rest was bad.

KMSP – Island-wide blackout in Puerto Rico, Twins still expected to play
– Literally the last good day for the Twins was an island wide emergency for Puerto Rico. And yes, it’s gotten so bad that our local television affiliates aren’t even talking about the team any more.

Roster Rundown – Alan Busenitz’s stint in the majors didn’t last very long this time around, and he was swiftly supplanted by one Tyler Duffey. The Duffman is going to be used for the longer outings that the pen is frequently left with, of late.

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