Money Where Your Mouth Is: UFC 227

Money Where Your Mouth Is: UFC 227

MMA Manifesto

Money Where Your Mouth Is: UFC 227


In this segment, we take a look at the betting advice of some of the well-known MMA Twitter gamblers. They offer their free advice to you here and we track the picks. If you like what you see, be sure to check them all out on Twitter and see what else they have to offer. Also, if you think you have what it takes to be a top MMA Twitter handicapper, message @GumbyVreeland on Twitter and PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS!

Each bettor has 5 units(u) to bet each event. 5 units should be the maximum you bet on a card. So if you bet $100 a card, each unit is $20 for you. If you bet $10 a card, each unit is $2. All odds are from at time of posting.


This week’s card: UFC 227


Lummis Locks MMA (@LummisLocks)

Bio: Has been betting on MMA for about 2 years now. When he found out it was a thing to sell picks it inspired him to eventually start tracking via a 3rd party. He’s been on for almost 4 months now. Can’t say that he’s happy with where he’s at, but feels like he’s learned so much in the small amount of time since he started treating handicapping as more than a hobby. Is a student, so the surprising amount of free time comes in handy.

Record: 25-18 (+0.34u)

  • Munhoz – 3u (-195)
  • Dillashaw/Garbrandt under 2.5rds – 2u (+155)


MMA Knockout Bets (@BetsandPicksMMA)

Bio: Has been betting on MMA for 6 years. 2017 was the first year of 3rd party tracked picks and he went 77-49 and finished up 37.21 units. In 2018, he started giving his bets out of Twitter (which you can follow above). You can also check out his recently 3rd party tracked bets at

Record: 21-20 (-0.71u)

UFC 227 Picks:

  • Dillashaw/Garbrandt under 3.5rds – 1.25u (+140)


MMA-Manifesto Picks

Record: 24-46 (-14.59u)

UFC 227 Picks:

  • Kang – 2u (+195)
  • Johnson/Zhang/Viana Parlay – 2u (+190)


Oracle (@OracleMMAPicks)

Bio: A team of two passionate MMA fans that share picks after years of experience analyzing and betting on MMA professionally. After a while following the sport, they realized they were good at picking winners so they decided to commit full time and they haven’t looked back ever since. Over the years they developed their own method for breaking down fights with an emphasis on finding value. They generally tend to favor higher odds bets as betting huge favorites is a sucker’s game. Picking close fights is their specialty.

Record: 14-9 (+3.68u)

UFC 227 Picks: 

  • Dillashaw – 2u (-120)
  • Moicano & Johns/Munhoz go the distance Parlay – 2u (+175)
  • Johnson/Cejudo go the distance – 1u (+135)


Steven Ricciardi II (@shppirate12)

Bio: Steve got his start in MMA playing Draftkings and UFC Pick em. He is now entered in Tout Master, Gamble Master, and the DK MMA Championship. He hosts the Jersey Boys MMA Podcast and covers various MMA events including UFC, PFL, Ring of Combat, etc.

Record: 3-6 (-8.20u)

UFC 227 Picks: 

  • Johnson/Vera/Santos Parlay – 5u (-105)


Balboa (@BalboaFightPix)

Record: 11-4 (+8.54u)

MMA-Betting (@PureMMABetting)

Record: 3-10 (-23.6u)

Newsome MMA (@Newsome_MMA)

Record: 27-27-1 (-7.00u)

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