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Flyers ruin Christmas

First, I can’t move forward with this discussion without addressing the all orange and white Christmas apparel. This is more like the Nightmare Before Christmas than actual Christmas. The only time that it’s appropriate to wear your hockey colors as Christmas apparel is if you are the Minnesota Wild. Otherwise you end up looking more like a traffic cone than usual, thanks to the pointy hat.

Oh, and thanks, Flyers, for showing me that the elves are actually total dicks. “You don’t look so tough.” “I hope you play better than you wrap.” Show a little class, elf, they are there to HELP. Try to appreciate the aid instead of taking a jab whenever you possibly can. And Philadelphia, what are you doing airing this video? Does shaming your team motivate them in your twisted world view?

To be honest though, the Flyers Santa Sacks do seem pretty sweet. Tickets, concessions and an autographed bit of merch, all for a completely unreasonable price. Merry Christmas!