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Fun in Tampa!

As you may have known, I had a trip to Tampa, where I will be moving. I took in a game and documented the trip here.  This post is a LOT of pictures, so pay attention. Remember, each picture is worth 1000 words a piece!

tampa flash danceA flash mob? A rain dance? Who knows? They even have some ice girls in here. 

 the first of many, many jersey fouls. 

Yes, that is a Tucker 1 and Tucker 2

one team

no name
Number, but no name. It’s just…weird. Then again, this was a leafs jersey, so I’m ok. 

eww habs

EEEEEEEEWWWWWW! Who let a Habs fan in?

sens fan
And  SENS FANS? Gaddamn, Tampa. 

Random announcer is FOREVER ALONE 

I’ve never seen this much ranch dressing, I think I know what to get my homegirl @wraparoundcurl for her birthday. 

The announcers doing announcery things

watch your head
If you get a head injury in Tampa, it’s your own fault. Be careful, Sidney Crosby. 

more text

Luke Schenn stretching a LOT. So…uhh…what were we talking about?

ice girls car

Fun fact: Tampa’s “ice girls” never go on the ice to shovel or whatever ice girls do. They just hold signs. I wonder if they’re hiring…

See, I love me some nachos, but I hate how unequal they are. Some nachos have ALL THE CHEESE AND SALSA, but then a lot have very little. It’s capitalism, if capitalism was delicious. 

At some point, there was a collision and some moron in back yelled something like “DON’T HIT HIM TOO HARD YOU’LL DISLODGE HIS TAMPON!” Because, you see, comparing pro athletes to women to say they are weak and you disapprove of them is funny.  Especially if you can invoke menstruation, AKA when ALL WOMEN ARE EVEN LESS RATIONAL AND OK THAN NORMAL AMIRITE, FELLAS? Needless to say, I wanted to start some fights. 

teddy purcell


When the score was 3-0 Leafs, there were some great drives. Tampon Guy yelled something like “It’s Toronto! THEY CAN’T SCORE!” I wanted to be all “SCORBOARD YOU FUCKIN TROGLODYTE. LOOKIT”, but I was too jolly to do much.