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Hockey Treasures in Polisher Land!

It”s not often I can make my summer job related to hockey. In fact, polishing instruments (bow chicka wow wow) isn’t really related to anything ever. But somehow, I found something in a trumpet case that was really unexpected.

Most of my job includes cleaning the cases the instruments come in, which can be way, way worse than the instrument. I have to wash the outside, vacuum the inside, and take out any “debris” or lose pieces.

I find odd things in cases all the time. Usually, it’s nothing more than pencils or the odd “meet me behind the swing sets at recess” note,(except that one time I found baby teeth) but here’s a picture:

Odd Humber Valley coin...thing

Natually, I was wondering what this was. Turns out, the Humber Valley Hockey Association is a Toronto-area hockey association that’s recreational rather than competitive. And Ken Dryden is among the former players.  It still doesn’t explain what it is or how it got into a trumpet case in central Vermont, but still, it’s probably the coolest thing I’ve ever found in a case.

Join me next week when I find Eric Lindros’s toenail clippings in a trombone case!