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I Want My Own Matt Bradley

By now, we’ve all probably seen the video of Alex Ovechkin and Steve Downie. You know, the one where Matt Bradley flys in out of nowhere to protect his captain like a bodyguard or a girlfriend hell bent on protecting her man.

Downie and Oveckin got into a scrum and each got two minutes for roughing. When they came out of the box, they when right back at it because they didn’t seem to like that the refs didn’t give them each 5 minutes the first time. Then, Bradley comes flying in out of nowhere (actually it was from a borderline change off the bench, but whatev) to protect his captain. How freaking sweet is that if you’re Alex Ovechkin?

“Oh yeah, I was going to fight this guy but Matt’s got it. I think I’ll go back to flirting with that girl in the third row.”

So I’ve decided that I want my own Matt Bradley. If, for example, I’m out at a bar and some guy starts creepin’ up on my girl. MATT BRADLEY. Or what if I’m at the gym playing basketball and some bullies come and push me around? Matt. Damon… Errr… Bradley. What if I’m at the supermarket and some little old lady cuts me off on the way to the express line? Matt. FREAKING. Bradley.